Department of Arts


Capturing the essence of fun, bottling it and then infusing it into everything we do is what we do at the DoA. If you're after something to make your brand shine a little brighter or your stages to stand a little taller - then you're in the right place.

Semi Circle

The Department of Arts is a multi-disciplinary creative experience design house that focuses on event, festival and brand experience enhancement through visual and social interaction. We offer a complete A-Z activation from design to fabrication and installation.


Our design language comes from a visual communications foundation that tends to lean on graphic, type and communication to elivate 3D objects and lighting. Our head of Design (Josh Mutscheller) is a firm believer of form following function, allowing our design outputs to not only look good, but also have a purpose & direction. Though that may also have something to do with him being a German born capricorn.


At the helm of fabrication, our creative wizard - Jack Hawke is the reason our projects have the look that they do. With a background in creative cultures and sign writing, Jack is equipped with all the skills required to fabricate at our hearts content. CnC operator, Sign writer, fabricator and a vast knoledge of materials means that all of the creative swirls we strive to include in all our projects become possible.


Our third and final trope is kept well under control on and off site by what some would call the face of the company Jules Craft. With over 10 years of on site (and off site) event experience, Jules is the highly enthusiastic energy you want on site to make sure our projects get up on time, in the right place and with no accidents. Equiped with the know-how and gusto to make each and every install an enjoyable experience.